Welcome to Taskforge. Taskforge is a meeting place for online collaborators of non-digital products. It’s inspired by the principles of free software/open source and Creative Commons but not limited to programming and digital distribution. Read more…

This site, taskforge.njj.dk, is a prototype on two levels. One, it’s the prototype of the meeting place which, two, supports the prototype project.

You’re in too
My name is Jeppe and I run a blog about the progress. You’re more than welcome to comment on the posts. The remaining pages of this site are for prototype purposes. Please help me put some content on these pages and feel free to add new ones if you see the need to. Read more about participating here and go here to become a member.

Latest blog post

Taskforge project materializes

Taskforge productionThe first physical taskforge product came into existence today and three more will be delivered Monday next week. Check out the pictures of the new product here.

In my last blog post I wrote that Pret-a-printer is over. That’s not strictly true. What I meant was that the prototype experiment is over. All of you are of course still welcome to use the designs and print them on your own teeshirts. Please consider donating if you do that. You may even alter the designs if you upload the new versions back to this site.

and yes, the blog has a feed too

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